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Matte Matte Waterproof White Lipstick

Matte Matte Waterproof White Lipstick

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Special purpose cosmetics: No
Series: Beautiful Girl Series
Image: Anime
Shelf life: 3 years
Color: Wenchu 8 cigarette case lip glaze, Shanhaijing cigarette case 5 lip glaze, ERSHIQI four lip glaze, ERSHIQI 5 daji lip glaze, ERSHIQI 4 small flower lip glaze, FrankColor 5 lip glaze, LEADUU 5 Crane lip glaze, MUGELEEN five-piece tobacco tube lip glaze, MUGELEEN eight-piece tobacco tube lip glaze, LEADUU velvet lip glaze sleeve, warm ins 5 new lip glaze, warm chu 3 fruit lip glaze
Ingredients: Peptidase

Lip glaze*1

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